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Hey world. We are Franziska and Ted Gonder - an international, bilingual, and happily married couple with three wild boys squeezing life as tightly as we can to make the most of it while we can.

DeepFit is deeply personal to us and yet we want to make sure that we are not making it about us. This is an effort to create a thriving, self-generating community.

We are both entrepreneurs in both the professional and personal realm of life. We are both athletes and have been in Yoga, Crossfit, Kettlebell work for over 15 years. DeepFit is the mirror of our lives. We live and breathe the idea, the workouts, the coaching, and spirit of it in our everyday life. Just like you, we are on a journey to our best, most enlightened version of ourselves to serve ourselves, each other, and those we are most committed to. And you are part of it now :). 

After many friends and acquaintances started asking us to make our content available more publicly, we took the leap and here we are. Thank you for joining our tribe, thank you for being part of an ecosystem of movers, who enjoy the feeling and potential of being fully alive just as much as we do. 

DeepFit's mission is to enhance all aspects of your life through movement, to connect your body and mind in a way that they start to complement and even nurture each other. We call this applied athletism. 
Our focus for now is to bring our programs to young families and ambitious professionals (or both :) ). Why? Because we lead this life. This is who we are and we can lead in this space with authenticity, realism, knowledge, empathy and professionalism. 


Franzi & Ted


Worldwide coaching.

We currently live in Germany and mostly host events there, the Netherlands, and the UK.


We travel home to the US
several times per year.




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