For new parents, COVID-19's 24/7 home confinement disrupt whatever routine you had before that allowed you to balance work, family, and personal health. But it's also an incredible opportunity for your family to connect, get in shape, and experience joy together!


The key? Family workouts.

After 5 years of working out at home with our kids (1500+ workouts!), we've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't...


...and we've created 1 week of at-home no-equipment workouts that're fun for the whole family, regardless of age or fitness level.


If you have a baby or toddler, you can use them as extra weight, and if you have older kids they can join in! You and your partner will be laughing with your kids and laughing with each other - it's a blast.

This is the perfect program for anyone ready to take on the global pandemic by building family physical strength, letting off some steam, and boosting the mood (all of which strengthen the immune system!).

Now is the time to lean in together and grow with our loved ones. Now is the time to build strength together. Now is the time to invest in your health and show your kids how, too.

Let's go!


Franzi and Ted

Let your family

grow together,

sweat together,

be strong together.

Our 4-week
Micro Family Workout Plan is Live!


We were thrilled to hear how much you liked the family workout plan we released a few weeks ago. 
After a few iterations and feedback from friends we are now back with a 4-week micro workout plan for the whole family!

Why micro workouts? Well, since we are all still in the long end tail of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are also very aware that time is scarce and that a lot of things need to happen in a short 24-hour window. 

We are also juggling work, a new company, and our three boys on a daily basis and are so grateful that we came into the quarantine period having already built a habit of daily short bursts of sweating to reset our energy, lighten the mood on intense days in the house, and simply have a good time with the kids. 

Our micro workouts are creative exercises that you can do with your kids wherever, whenever. They can last as long as you want them to last - anything from 5 minutes while preparing lunch to 30 minutes while the kids are playing outside or are down for a nap. 

Take it as a source of inspiration to strengthen your movement and fitness practice and habit. You don't need hours in the gym to get in shape or reap the emotional benefits of a workout. You need to move your body creatively and every day. 


Long story short: download the free 4-week micro workout plan below as usual - just save it as a PDF.

Oh and send us a message or tag us in your workouts - we always love hearing from you!


Franzi and Ted


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