"This opened my mind to so many new ideas of balancing kids and just life."
- xxxxx

Chaos- Proof workouts is a quick idea guide to reframing your excuses to opportunities to working out with your family.

You want to read this if you're a new parent, a busy professional (or both) and are looking for inspiration to add movement, fitness, and a healthier lifestyle into your daily madness. It's for those who have read all the self-help book before kids, had the most genuinely creative routine on earth and feel like it's not clicking yet with kids running around. We feel you. We've been there.


When we started our family journey we felt the urge to squeeze more out of their life with our awesome kids. Not because it wasn't good already, but because we knew it can be better—it can be great. 

This is a practical guide that can be read during your commute home, so that you can start sweating with your kids by the time you're home. 

This e-book is also a response to our viral facebook post in 2019, and we hope it continues to inspire other families to live the happy, healthy, and strong family life they know is possible. 

We're excited to hear your feedback. 


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