We're going Live!

It's been a long time coming. Two years ago our friends started to  keep saying that we should launch a podcast to talk more about the creative turns we took to set us up for a connected, fit, and happy family life. So, here we are. A little humbled and excited, but mostly ready to share our little nuggets of insights we have as we are trying to figure out how we let our big ambitions define our life as a couple and parents, and not just our professional life.

This is how we are talking about the Mental Protein Podcast at home for now:

"Fueling an athletic and entrepreneurial lifestyle for ambitious families".

We basically recorded a podcast for ourselves and the families that are on a similar path, pondering and asking the same questions. 

When we embarked on this journey of combining our entrepreneurial and athletic ambitions, and raising a fun family we had absolutely no idea what we were doing. And there are many days where we still feel this way. But we keep growing, keep committing, and keep showing up for each other. We are obsessed with the growth, fitness and wellbeing of our relationship and family as a strong unit.

Long story short, enjoy the first few episodes here soon. 
Fun side note: While we are learning about all of this on the go, our first two recordings aren't that bad aside from our first son walking in talking about pineapple ice-cream :D.  


The first four episodes will be released at the end of May and we would love to hear from a you if you think its helpful, if you want us to talk about something in more depth, or whether parts were unclear and thus not as helpful as you liked it to be. 

Drop us a message at deepfitfounders@gmail.com.


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