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Elevate your (family) life.


 We're launching in 2020!

Join our growing community of new parents and ambitious professionals (and especially those who crush both)!


The Mental Protein Podcast

Pondering the apparent paradoxes at the intersection of physical excellence and mental wellness, mindful parenting and professional ambition. 20 minutes well-spent for parents and parents-to-be during their morning and evening commute.


Launching in Spring 2020.

Fitness and Peak Performance for New Parents

Coaching new parents and parents-to-be by applying our background in physical and mental performance, 15+ years of entrepreneurial life design, and 5 years parenting three boys across two countries to support others on their life journeys.

2 spot currently open.

E-book Series

In response to our moment of viral fame in 2019 and thousands of messages from new and soon-to-be parents, we are writing a series of e-books to invite you all to learn from how we designed a chaos-proof life between raising three boys, entrepreneurial careers, our love for each other as a couple, daily workouts and the connection between all of the above. 


Dinesh Thirupuvanam

Marketing Exec and New Dad of 2

"After a decade in tech and becoming a new parent, I'd fallen out of shape. Ted and the DeepFit methods have gotten me in the best shape of my life and helped me feel more physically capable as a dad. This experience has changed my entire relationship to my health and body for the long-term."

Kyle Henry

Author and Podcaster

"The changes to my body that I experienced by adopting the DeepFit lifestyle were only the beginning of the multi-year transformation DeepFit's led me through.
A stronger body gave me the foundation to heal traumas in my mind and heart, and develop confidence I never knew I could feel."

Brennan King

Software Engineer and Wrestler

"As a former competitive athlete now working in corporate tech, I'd missed the idea of "moving with purpose." DeepFit gave me workouts and other health practices designed to support my lifestyle and professional ambitions, enhance my cognition and mood, and improve my quality of life.
I can proudly say it's worked. Everything's worked."

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. 

African Proverb

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Worldwide coaching.

We currently live in Germany and mostly host events there, the Netherlands, and the UK.


We travel home to the US
several times per year.




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